Your Business Should Be On Instagram If…

Should your business be on Instagram?  If you have these four qualities, then the answer just might be yes!

1.  You have engaging visual content to share.

Basically, engaging visual content means images that people would enjoy looking at.  Florists, baby photographers, and restaurants have an automatic edge, but many other types of businesses can find a fascinating visual way to tell their stories.

Instagram for Business

2.  You are willing to research hashtags.

You’ll need to find out what hashtags your audience is using to follow your type of business.  You can follow competitors to find good hashtags, and if you’re a local business, follow other local businesses to find out what geographic hashtags they are using (ie, #orlandofl).

3.  You are willing to engage in public discussions.

Some business owners don’t realize that the sharing on social media isn’t just one way.  Yes, you get to talk about your product- but the public gets to talk back.  Be prepared with a plan to handle negative feedback.

4.  You are committed to growing your following without buying followers.

The fastest way to tank your engagement is to buy fake followers who don’t engage.  Commit to growing your following by posting quality images, using good hashtags, and following other users strategically.

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