Facebook Strategies for 2017

Use these Facebook strategies for 2017 to increase the reach and engagement of your business page on Facebook.

Facebook strategies for 2017

Facebook Strategies for 2017

Video is king

  • Facebook ads are reaching a saturation point. They can’t sell more ads, so they want to make more money from each ad. Video ads are the most lucrative.
  • Since they want to show more video ads, Facebook wants to naturalize videos. Naturalizing means getting users used to watching video.  Any type of video, live or uploaded, will reach more people.
  • If you have a business Page, you can go Live from your desktop. This only works on Pages, not personal profiles.  Before you jump into live video, make a plan. Go long (at least 10 minutes), recap periodically, and end by asking your viewers to do something (call, Like your page, etc).

For uploaded videos, automatic subtitles are now here

  • When you upload a video rather than go live, new automatic voice recognition subtitles will be available.
  • Videos still auto play on mute, so subtitles can help users decide to watch and/or turn up the volume.
  • When you record a video, speak very clearly or use an external microphone for the best sound quality.

Facebook is jumping into the jobs pool

  • This new feature is intended to fill the niche of recruiting for non-professional positions, which is not really covered by LinkedIn.
  • Business pages can post jobs, if you’re hiring, and people can message you and/or tag friends who might be interested.

You can now let your customers talk to a robot

  • All businesses can already use the Response Assistant, which works like an answering machine (“Hi, thank you for messaging. We will respond as soon as possible.”)
  • Now you can use a third party app to create a full featured chatbot. Chatbots are able to respond to specific queries by displaying links or messages that match what the customer is asking about.
  • Your messaging button may not appear if your Response Time metrics are lagging, average is one day, needs to be under an hour if possible
  • If you went too long before responding and lost your messaging button, use a personal profile to visit your business Page on desktop and start a message that you can immediately respond to. This will restore the messaging button for mobile users.

Check-ins can prompt a review notification

  • For this to work, your Page type must be set as a Local Business, with check-ins enabled.
  • After checking in, the following day a customer will receive a review request notification from Facebook asking for them to leave a review. It’s a great way to get customer feedback and also is a great way to build more engagement on your Page.
  • Have signs in your business asking customers to check-in, Like, and review you on Facebook.

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